Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name: Adrien Asztalos
Date of birth: June 07. 1971.
Place of birth: Szeged
Phone number: 0036-70-2967189


Secondary Rózsa Ferenc Secondary Grammar School in Békéscsaba
English faculty 1985-1989
University Budapest Technical University- Architecture
Postgraduate Color Dynamics Architect training 1995- 1997
University of Physical Education 1994- 1996


English intermediate state examination
German very good

Further skills: Driving license since 1995

Independent work:



– In the beginning – English TV set by Hallmark Entertainment. English- Hungarian
– Moroccan co production (set design) Morocco
– Tremors – movie (art director assistant) USA, Hollywood
– Squarecircle (art director ,English-American-French co production)Bukarest


– Dr Oetker (director: Michael Fueter, production designer), Bukarest, Romania
– My Greek fat wedding – TV-show, commercial (production designer assistant),
USA, Hollywood


– Sömmi – (director: György Pálfi, preproduction production designer)
– Soup & Salad (director: Melanie Martinez, production designer: Fernanda Guerrero, art director)
– Rookies (director: Alan/ Kam Lun Tuen, production designer: Olympic / Sai Wan Lau, Hungarian art director)
– A legjobb játék (director: Kristóf Deák, production designer)
– Eden (director: Ágnes Kocsis, pre procution production designer)
– Az Úr hangja (director: György Pálfi, production designer)
– Terminal (director: Vaugh Stein, production designer: Richard Bullock, art director)
– Testről és lélekről (director: Ildikó Enyedi, pre production production designer)
– 12 Monkeys (tv series, director: Daviv Grossmann, production designer: John Mott, art director)
– Man in the dark (director: Fede Alvarez, production design: Naaman Marshall, art director)
– Dark wood (director: Pal Martin Oie, production design: Martin Gant, art director)
– Isteni Műszak (director: Márk Bodzsár, pre production production designer)
– In Treatment – Terápia (directors: Ildikó Enyedi, Attila Gigor, Orsolya Nagypál, production design)
– Anti social (director: Reg Traviss, production designer: Melanie Light, Art director)
– Zero (director: Gyula Nemes, prep. Production design)
– Hacktion(director: Fonyó Gergely, Herczeg Attila, Pajer Róbert, production design)
– Flytopia (director: Karni Arieli, Saul Freed, production design) –
– Samenhandlerin (director: Michael Keusch, production design)
– Toldi (director: Pálfi György, pretreatment )
– Pál Adrienn (director: Kovács Ágnes, production designer )
– Isenhart (rendező:Hansjörg Thurn, stand by art director)
– Wanderhure (TV film, director: Hansjörg Thurn, art director)
– Glückskind (TV film, director: Hansjörg Thurn, art director )
– Good (director: Vicente Amorim, hungarian art director)
– Slathead (director: Declan Hannigan, production design)
– The Moon and the stars (director:John Irwin, set design)
– Taxidermia (director: György Pálfi, production design)
– Shaman (director: György Pálfi, costume design)
– Still life with fish and other tragical moments (director: Natalia Jánossy,
production design)
– Underworld (set design, american-english-hungarian coproduction, director: Len
– Happy birthday (director: Csaba Fazekas, production design pretreatment)
– 18 plus (director:Márton Gyula, , production design pretreatment )
– The fish (director: György Pálfi, production design)
– Around (director: György Pálfi, production design)
– Somebody’s knocking (director: György Pálfi, production design)
– The Waterloo battle (film plan, director: Károly Makk, location scouting)
– Water roses (director: Márton Vécsei, production design)
– Carla, the virgin (director: Márton Vécsei, production design, set and costume)
– The bad kitty (director: Barbara Dékány, production design)
– This is what you have to manage for today, baby (director: Barbara Dékány,
production design, set and costume)
– The thief (director: Edit Zakál, production design, set and costume)
– Questions of life and death ( director:Natalie Jánossy, production design)


– Szálka (TV show,director: Koos György, complete set design)
– I want you (viasat párshow , complete set design, director: Koos György)
– Szulák show (TV show, complete set design)
– Mi kérünk elnézést (TV talkshow, complete set design)
– Barbara (TV talkshow, complete set design)
– Banana skin (TV show,complete set design)
– Set design of the „Superstars with Friderikusz” titled TV program
– Bench design to Sándor Friderikusz’ „Child talk” TV program
– Transformation of the scene of „Good night Hungary” and „Facts” TV programs


– Amazon (director: Julien Seri, production designer)
– BCB (director: Oliver Lehel, production designer)
– Medela (director: Katie Bell, production designer)
– Europcar (director: Rafael Frydman)
– Audible (director: Basha de Bruijn, production designer)
– Harmonie Mutuelle (director : Keif McCarth, co-Production Designer)
– NBT (director: Márton Vécsi, production designer)
– Mobiliar (director: Tobias Fueter, production designer)
– Herta (director: Owen Trevor, production designer)
– Elfüstölt esélyek (director: György Pálfi, production designer)
– Sun (director: Sven Super, productio designer: Peter Bot, art director)
– Grand Optical (director: Nan O’Hara, production designer)
– Kinder Maxi King (director: Kay Kienzler, production designer)
– Kinder (director: Mike Huber, production designer)
– Foie Gras (director: Augusto Frago, production designer)
– SPAR Enjoy (director: Rudolf Péter Kiss, production designer)
– Binck Bank (director:  Basha de Bruijn, Art Director)
– ERSTE (director: Rudolf Péter Kiss, production designer, )
– Polifarbe (director: Menzkie, production designer)
– Dr Oetker (director: Michael Fueter, production designer)
– Grolsch (director: Johan Kramer, production designer: Rikke Jelier, art director)
– Smint (director: Toon Arts, production designer)
– Centraal Beheer  (director: Sven Super, production designer)
– SBB (director: Michael Fueter, production designer)
– Vögele (director: Hanna Maria Heidrich, art director)
– Milton (director: Vivek Harshad Kakkad, production designer: Suzanne Caplan Merwanji, art director)
– Aptamil (director: Decon Dickson, art director)
– Sokos Hotel (director: Juho Konstig, art director)
– Fortune Oil (director: Vivek Harshad Kakkad, production designer: Sawant Sonal Suresh, art director)
– Klinsky sausage (director: Charlie Stadler, art director)
– Samsung (director: Sung Hoon Yoo, art director)
– Migros (director: Michael Fueter, art director)
– Tata sky (director:Vivek Harshad Kakkad, production designer: Suzanne Caplan Merwanji, hungarian art director)
– Exodus (director: Michael Steiner, production design)
– Don Calgon (director: Alex Nemetz, production design)
– Herz ( director: Tobias Fueter, production design )
– Penti (director: Can Ulkay, art direction)
– Sky hard (director: Bryan Buckley, production design: Kevin Phipps, art director)
– Totalwar (director: Will Mcgregor,art director)
– Suva (director: Michael Fueter, production design)
– Raffeisen (director: Márton Nyitrai, art director)
– Danone (director:György Pálfi,art director)
– Corega (illustration)
– Rubophen (director:Nyitrai Márton, production designer )
– Dreft (director: Bergendy Péter, production designer)
– T-mobile (director:Nyitrai Márton,illustration)
– Blikk (director:Pacsorasz Viktor, art director )
– Cif (director : Alex Nemetz, art director)
– Baumax (director : Thomy c.Dirnhofer, art director)
– Hanuta (director :Harry Patramaris, art director)
– CIB Bank (director: György Pálfi, art director)
– Schlossgold (director:John Carver, art director)
– Soproni beer (director: Bence Miklauzics, art director)
– Vicks (director: Justin Reardon, art director)
– Nemiroff (director: Jonathan David, art director)
– Duplo ferrero (director:Clark Anderson, art director assistant)
– Wellaton (director:Tim Gibbs, production designer)
– Mediaworld (director:Lee Donaldson, art director
– Cablecom (director: Michael Fueter, art direction)
– Renault Clio (director: Steve Ayson, art direction)
– Vodafone (director: Martin Schmied, production designer assistant)
– Jacobs (director: Ron Eichhorn, local art direction)
– ARD lotto (director:Guntram Krasting ,local art director)
– CIB Bank (director: Márton Nyitrai, art director)
– Kaiser beer (director: György Pálfi, art director)
– Domestos 1-2 (director: Gergő Pohárnok, art director)
– COOP (director: László Kollár Klemencz, art director)
– NIVEA (director: Olivér Julius, local art director)

Video clip

– Jazz+Az (art directory)


– Dr.Lord (director: Zoltán Galambos, Boulevard Theatre, set design)
– Teahouse to the moon of august (director: Zoltán Galambos, Schütz Ila Theatre, set
– The old soldier and his son, the hussar (director: Balázs Simon, Millenary
Theatre, Open Theatre at Zsámbék, Zsigmond Móricz Theatre at Nyíregyháza, set
– The pavilion of the Hungarian costume and set designers in the Quadrianal in
– Shallow grave (director: Tibor Csizmadia, Merlin Theatre)
– Moliere: Scapin’s tricks (Loft Theatre in Győr, production design)
– Géza Képes: A story about the fisher girl (Budapest’s Children theatre)
– István Tasnádi: Don Quiote (director: János Csányi, Bárka Theatre)
– Pirandello: Mountain giants (director: János Csányi, Bárka Theatre)
– Micimackur (director: Vilmos Vajdai, Trafó)
– Ostrovskij: The forest (director, production design: Péter Gothár, Radnóti Theatre –
assistant of the set design)
– Christmas program (Magdi Bódy, Merlin Theatre)
– Motion Theatre (director: Edit Zakál, MU Theatre, production design)
– Tholdy (Visegrád’s planar Summer theatre –plan)
– Flowers for Algermon (director: Péter Kálloy Molnár, Buda Stage, set construction)
– The post of life (director: György Honti, Buda Stage, production design)
– I love you (director: László Magács, Merlin Theatre, set- costume design)
– The story of my wife (director: István Galambos, Millenary Theatre, The Theatre of
Tatabánya,( set design assistant)
– Husbands (director: Péter Galambos, Géza Gárdonyi Theatre in Eger, set design)
– Theatre maker (director: László Bagossy, Croatian Theatre of Pécs, set design
– Bone music (director: Balázs Simon, Summer Theatre of Zsámbék, set design)


– Bodajk Castle diorama concept art
– Interior design of the castle in Nógrádgárdony
– Reception area design
– Intrerior of the Boulevard Theatre
– Design of the BUSZESZ canteen, transformation of an already existing storehouse,
design of wall for product presentation
– Design of the office section of a press (Codex RT)
– Christmas fair on the Vörösmarty Square (decoration of the kiosks, stage design)
– Design of the Danube Promenade on the 20th of August
– Design of the introductory of the Reviczky castle
– Inside architecture of a horsefarm


– Illustration to P. Szabó Ilona’s „Running sand” titled book
– Computer desk plan to the program called „Ducat”


– Instructor at the Fine Arts University
– Publicity
– Color harmony experiments on the facades of the houses of Buda castle

I have worked with the following persons in the works mentioned below:

Tamás Vayer
– Sight design of the exhibition ’100 years of the film’ (Ludwig Museum)
– Sight design of the Millenary Exhibition (Transportation Museum)
– Sight design of the 10-year permanent exhibition telling the story of Budapest
(Historical Museum)

– Sándor Simó: Franciska’s Sundays titled film (assistant art director)
– Background design for the programs of Duna TV: ’Postabontás’, ’Levélváltás’,
– O’Neill: The way going home is long (director: Ferenc Grünwalsky, National
Theatre of Pécs)
– Webber: Faces of Love (director: Tamás Szirtes, Madách Kamara)
– Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (director: Sándor Reisenbüchler, Ádám Rajhona,
Józsefváros Theatre)

Judit Csanádi:
– At the end of our forest (director: Gabor Máté, Madách Kamara Theatre, set
designer assistant)
– Nice Ladies playing cards with poems (director: Tim Carroll, Bárka Theatre)
– Sisters-in-law (director: Gyula Hegedűs D., Pest Theatre)
– Bella (director: Tibor Csizmadia, National Theatre)
– I can’t live without melody (director: Tibor Csizmadia, National Theatre)
– Hotel Menthol (director: György Korcsmáros, Operetta Theatre)
– Dosztojevszkij: Husband under the bed (director: Csaba Tasnádi, National Theatre
of Nyíregyháza)
– ’Look for the woman’-program for women’s day (Duna TV)

– Emőke Csengei:
– Bluebeard (puppet plans, director: Tibor Csizmadia, Puppet theatre)

Edit Zeke:
– Mrs. Karnyó (director: Péter Telihay, Studio stage of the Új Theatre)

Zsolt Khell:
– Czillei and the Hunyadies (director: László Barbaczy, National Theatre)
– Arcadia (director: Tamás Ascher, Katona József Theatre)
– Purple acacia (director: Balázs Simon, Bárka Theatre)
– Tótferi, Világvevő (director: Eszter Novák, Bárka Theatre)
– Árpád Sopsits’s film titled „Torsos”
– Man’s tragedy (exhibition, Gizi Bajor Actors’ Museum)

Róbert Menczel:
– Glass shoe (director: János Ács, Új Theatre)
– Leonce and Léna (director: János Ács, Új Theatre)

Balázs Horesnyi:
– Background plans for operas

György Árvai:
– Titanic water revue (director: László Bérces, Bárka Theatre)
– Millennary Park opening exhibition (Ganz park)